Our Services

Home-bound /Hospital entertainment

With Our flagship program, we bring live music and professional entertainment to the hospital rooms or homes of sick children. Our repertoire includes clowns, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, comedians, storytellers, lots of lively singing and dancing and age-appropriate gifts. Misameach currently provides more than 85 such visits monthly. The effect our visits have on patients is instantaneous and remarkable. Children who haven’t been able to speak in weeks suddenly find their words, faces drawn in perpetual pain and fear light up with joy, and laughter resounds in rooms that previously only heard heartbreaking cries. Physicians have borne witness to the positive effects the visits have on their patients’ recovery, with the emotional well being so inextricably interwoven with the physical.

Arts & Crafts/Woodworking

For children who are convalescing or bedridden, Misameach provides woodworking and other crafts kits, as well as home visitation by professional crafts instructors including woodworking, baking, and food decorating. Our professionals are more than just experts, they are warm, caring and empathetic, helping children take the edge off the boredom and pain their situation often brings, and allowing them to feel like a normal, active child again.

Major family parties and events

Misameach holds magnificent parties and outdoor carnivals for children and their families. These events are attended by hundreds and feature renowned performers and entertainment, great food and refreshments, plus fun and games. These events leave sick children, their siblings and parents exhilarated for months afterward and anticipating them for months before. Much effort and thought is invested in creating an event that has something for everyone, so that every child can leave on a high, knowing he or she is cherished and cared for by the Misameach family.


Misameach’s regularly organized outings Include major, one-of-a-kind family events such as the signature cruise of the New York harbor, as well as bowling parties, trips to pizza parlors and ice cream shops, Bounce-U recreation center, a behind-the-scenes tour at Newark International Airport, and other family outings. The cruise is an annual highlight for Misameach families, allowing them to experience three hours of luxury, entertainment and awesome views while they are serenaded by dedicated volunteers and world-famous performers. The dancing, the singing and the laughter that resound aboard the Misameach cruise reverberate for a very long time after the ship has docked. The other outings are eagerly anticipated as well, bringing together families in similar situations for camaraderie and relaxation.

Free DVD/Multimedia Library

Misameach stocks thousands of titles in separate libraries, located in New Jersey, California and in the Massachusetts and North Carolina hospital areas. Titles range from humor to drama to educational and everything in-between. Misameach also stocks hundreds of DVD players for patients' use. As anyone who’s been bedridden can attest, there is little more depressing than staring at the four sterile walls for hours on end, with nothing to do but contemplate the realities of difficult prognoses and painful realities. Misameach’s library has proven to be a lifesaver to patients and their caregivers, providing hours of entertainment free of charge for those who need it most.

Dream Come True Program

Misameach endeavors to accommodate the special requests of seriously ill children, arranging special trips as well as visitations and correspondence with celebrities. Participating celebrities have included President Barack Obama; Governor Mitt Romney; Yehudah Green, renowned soul performer; and noted radio personality and commentator Mark Levin. Patients previously depressed and listless have come alive after being introduced to their revered idols, after watching some of their most fervent dreams come true. With so much stacked against them, the least we can do for our patients is show them the power of their dreams.

Gift Distributions

Misameach’s trailor is stocked with toys for all ages, and the organization distributes over $200,000 worth of toys throughout the year. Misameash distributes over 12,300 gifts yearly to our patients. To every hospital visit we bring along gifts and toys for the children to enjoy. At our major events hundreds of gifts are distributed to the families that we service These toys bring comfort and joy to children suffering from devastating illnesses, and to the siblings suffering along with them.